Super Club Soccer Ladder Tournament

Published by: Super Club Soccer

JOIN OUR DISCORD HERE Every Sunday and Wednesday evening we will be hosting a ladder tournament through our Discord server. This will be ongoing until we have our future planned update with in-game tournaments and teams. You can choose how many games you play during the 7pm to 11pm GMT time slot on these days and you can join up at any time as all new teams will start with a base ELO rating that will make sure they're not hampered by starting later than other teams. Every fortnight we will then host a tournament for the top 8 teams in the ladder and the winners of that tournament will win prizes. To sign up, join the discord server and post in the #Find-a-team channel if you're looking for a team to join. If you already have a team ready to go you can enter yourselves by filling out the form in the #Team-Sign-Up channel. Join now and prove you're the best in the game by climbing to the top of the ladder!