Spring Festival

Published by: skaarjg

All holidays, from 07.03 to 09.03 (until 23:59 by Moscow time), a hunt for Hobgoblins, Brownies and Verliokas announced (except for the "killer" class). Top three winners from main servers (RU, PvP, PvE) will receive prizes: Artifact "Verlioka's Cube" (24 days) Nuclear Grenade - 3 pcs. Old Stalker's Journal (14 days) To get points you need to hunt mutants, whose killing brings you more than 5 EXP. All hunt participants from Top-30, will get 60 A-Zone pins! Also, from 12:00 on 06.03 to 12:00 on 10.03 (by Moscow time) the Recruiters' quest "Spring Festival" is available for every hour, allowing you to change flowers to sweets, fruits (without restrictions) and gestures (only for new stalkers who doesn't get the gestures before). Have a great weekend!