Small bugfix

Adrift in the Backrooms

Adrift in the Backrooms is an adventure multiplayer game that is a mix of backrooms games and more traditional co-op.

Fixes: Fixed level 2 code to a correct code Fixed ending doors opening in level 6 Removed lamps from level 1 that made fps drop on some players Fixed the bug where you could duplicate items by dropping them Changes and additions: Added more chests to level 3, 9 and 10 Added a list that shows alive players and their stats Made the line in level 8 larger and changed it position to a easier spot Made the note on level 8 more specific Made moving platforms larger and slower in level 7 Made propels slower in level 7 Made jump before last ladder easier Added a delay for smiler spawners in level 6 Added a alarm silencer to the last room in level 2 Changed item name Almond milk to Almond water like it is in the description