Small booth, huge interest in Wanderlust Travel Stories at PAX West 2019

Published by: Walkabout

The booth presenting Wanderlust Travel Stories, a small indie game about real-world globetrotting, got a surprising amount of attention at PAX West 2019 in Seattle. Wanderlust is a game unlike any other: bridging literature and gaming, it makes the player both the reader and the storyteller. Featuring 4 long and 5 short stories, it lets you travel from Africa to Antarctica, from Europe to Asia, making meaningful choices and changing the characters' perspectives. During PAX West 2019, Wanderlust got a lot of attention from visitors, most of whom took time to play through the entire long demo of the game. The average play time was 25 minutes. "It was great to see people choosing to stay with us for so long when there were hundreds of other games to see. We were surprised to discover that even teens took interest in Wanderlust, a game focused on something else than fast-paced action. We even had a mother reading our game to her 5-year-old daugher," recollects Piotr Gnyp from Walkabout, the publisher of Wanderlust Travel Stories. The game will premiere on 26 September 2019, on PC and iOS devices. Learn more and play the demo at