Skin, Weapon and Boos, New Seed Hunter, Check it out!

Published by: Bingobin

Hi hunters, In this new version of our game. We provide you with new skin, new weapons and new Boss to our game! 1. New model | Updating the modeling of the main character to fit our game design. 2. New Boss | We hear your voice asking for a female character! This time, we adding a new female boss in our game. 3. New Weapon | Adding 3 Axe to our game and we also change system of Axes. Hoping you can like it! 4. Map Update | We adding some hidden maps in this version 5. Others | We also fixing some bugs and improving our gaming experience So, That is, The new version of the Seed Hunter! Wishing you can like it! If you have any kind of question, Please contact Seed Hunter Team