Server Maintenance: 6/21/22 | Patch 308

June 22, 2022 9Dragons Community Announcements
Dear Nine Dragons Community, The servers will undergo maintenance and server update on June 21, 2022, at 18:30 server time. The downtime will be approximately 3 hours. Changes and Updates:
  • Routine server checks.
  • Duel requests will now get refused automatically while viewing AH and talking with the NPC.
  • You can now change top and bottom armor without removing all accessories in pockets.
  • Quantity 1 will no longer appear on accessories in the character's bag.
  • Plate of Abyss (30 Days) obtained from Jeoksam during the Father's Day event has been swapped with Plate of Abyss (30 Days). This change is because the Plate of Abyss (30 Days) is originally from the Splendor Branches, which is supposed to be tradable. (Please submit a ticket to have your relic swap with the event version if you are planning to upgrade the relic to a permanent version)
  • Two or more quests that share the same target of deviants will now be counted simultaneously.
  • NPC name tag GUI overwrapped with other content and models has been improved. Graphic loading orders of all 3D models and world GUI objects have been enhanced.
  • Fixed an issue where the HP gauge bar of bosses would go outside its window.
  • Fixed an issue where there is an invisible barrier in Hefei.
  • Fixed an issue where the client enters the lock screen state, and the character model appears black during character creation.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom wall of Black Cloud Basin in Qingdao is outside the safety zone.
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot attack certain monsters in Wu-Tang dungeon.
Thank you for your patience during the maintenance.