Santa's Workshop: Roguelike Festive Fantasy

December 18, 2019 mistersneak Community Announcements
Do you want to wear a reindeer hat while slaying dungeon mobs? Would you like to pull torches off thoroughly decked halls? Do you want to find where the mistletoe is hanging? Merry Barony Christmas is here to service all your Holiday dungeon needs!

Subscribe to Merry Barony Christmas here! Have a festive adventure now, and watch out for some more holiday themed updates during this Christmas season.

The Barony Workshop is home to many fantastic mods that'll expand Barony content and increase its meme potential. The official Merry Barony Christmas mod is a great way to introduce yourself to Barony modding this holiday season. Merry Barony Christmas was created using free tools and content available online. Voxelshop was used to alter models. With a little file structure and some artistic talent, you too can make your own aesthetic mods for Barony. Musician "Myuu" is credited here for most of the Christmas music that will be found in Merry Barony Christmas. Check out his YouTube here!:

First time playing a Barony mod? Read below!

Setting up a mod for Barony is easy if you just follow a few simple steps. <*> Find the mod you want. In this case, "Merry Barony Christmas". A link to the mod is found higher up on this page. <*> Once you're on the page for the mod you want, click the "Subscribe" button. Subscribing to the mod just means that Steam downloads the latest version of the mod automatically. <*>Once you're subscribed, you're ready to launch Barony! Go to your Steam Library and launch Barony. <*>Once the game loads, you'll find yourself on the main menu. Select the Workshop menu item to access Steam Workshop mods you've subscribed to. Note the "Custom Content" option allows you to activate mods that are not from the Steam Workshop. Let's not worry about that for now. <*>When you first get to the mod page, likely it will be empty. Click the "Get Subscribed Item List" button on the top left, and you'll see the list populate with any of the mods you're currently subscribed to. "Merry Barony Christmas" should be in the list. Click the "Load Item" button. <*>Now the mod is loaded and the item turns green! Once you've selected all the mods you want to load, you're ready to start your game! Click "Start Modded Game." And that's it! From here on out it's standard Barony procedure, but with your mod turned on. A few notes about modded games:
  • To play multiplayer with mods on, everyone needs to have the same mods loaded!
  • You can still earn achievements with mods turned on, except if the mod changes map files. When playing a game with modded maps, achievements will be disabled. "Merry Barony Christmas" does not alter any maps!
  • Modded savegames are kept separate from standard savegames, so don't be alarmed if you don't see all your savegames in a list!

If you're interested in making some mods of your own, check out the excellent tutorial created by Wall of Justice here.

Making asset changes like those found in the Merry Barony Christmas mod might be easier than you think!