Sakura Isekai Adventure - Coming soon

Sakura Bunny Girls

An action visual novel with a splash of fanservice about a security guard who gets entangled with three mysterious, attractive, seductive bunny girls who just so happen to have superhuman powers.

[img][/img] Have you been waiting for a yuri game from us? Then you can be thrilled to hear from this new title - Sakura Isekai Adventure. Follow our heroine Aki in this new story. Though she enjoyed her humble life, she was never one for adventures, which changes, when she gets summoned into a new and unknown world. Forced into the role of a heroine, Aki needs to assist her summoning companion Mina, who is on her own quest. Mina wants to rescue her dear priestess Luna, who was kidnapped. Can our protagonist help Mina and what may happen on a journey within an unknown world and strangers as your companions? Wishlist Sakura Isekai Adventure now and find out for yourself: