Renzo Racer now has GRAND PRIX mode!

Published by: EnsenaSoft

Hi All! It has been 3 month since our previous update. We have been hard at work on RENZO RACER and we have just completed an update to the game! We are really excited to be adding GRAND PRIX support into the game! This version also continues improvements in karts and boats. While GREATLY improved, we realize we will need to be continuing this until the final release build. Our next version is going to add in VR support. We hope to have that in January. The version after that will be in March with power-ups. The final version will add in 2 player mode and any final fixes and polish. We are hoping for May release. We appreciate all your support and feedback. Even negative feedback helps us improve. Thanks to those have given feedback so far! Cheers, EnsenaSoft Team