Ranked Match: Upcoming Seasons announcement

Published by: renaud.joly

How was your second PreSeason of Ranked Matches? The competition for the first place has been really intense, and everything can change in the last few hours!

Our second PreSeason will be ending on November 6, 1:00 AM EST. We will then be taking some rest during and Off Season, which will last for 5 days. A third PreSeason will start on November 10, 09:00 PM EST. The third PreSeason will be ending on December 10, 12:00 AM EST.

When the new season begins, you will start three ranks below your previous ranking. For example, if you had finished the first PreSeason at Gold I, you will start the next season at Gold IV, etc. Don't forget that you can reach to our official Coaches to get tips and advice about MINImax Tinyverse!