Rake in some awesome games during the Steam Autumn Sale

November 24, 2021 CosmicRaccoon Community Announcements
Ah, Autumn… Not too warm nor too cold, with its charming colours, relaxing sights, and nature-defying coffee flavours. Picture this: you are at your PC, enjoying a nice cup of tea and looking through the window. Suddenly, you see a red leaf fall from a nearby tree: reminded about the fleeting nature of life, you decide to have some fun and play a new video game. A bit of a stretch? Maybe, but, to celebrate the season, Curve Games is now offering discounts on ALMOST (looking at you, Ancient Britain DLC) its entire catalog. What are you waiting for? Check them out on our Autumn Sale page, and rake in a bunch of games at unbeleafable prices! No, I’m not sorry about these puns.

Steam Awards

The Steam Awards are back, and throughout the Autumn Sale you'll be able to vote for your favourite games in the 10 categories selected by Valve. We know it's going to be a hard decision to make, but we would like to humbly suggest some of our games for a few of the available categories. Please consider voting for us if you believe that our games embrace the essence of those categories!

Lawn Mowing Simulator: New DLC and major update

Lawn Mowing Simulator just received its biggest update yet with the addition of string trimmers, giving mowing aficionados everywhere an entirely new way to approach the ever growing menace of tall grass in their lawns. At the same time, the first paid DLC for the game, Ancient Britain, has been released, containing 4 brand-new challenging locations set in iconic British sites.

Human: Fall Flat - Lumber

Talking about "Labors of Love", earlier this month we released a 19th level for our Human: Fall Flat community. Born from the ingenious mind of David Nielsen, one of our community creators, Lumber will challenge you with a mix of old and new elements. So limber up, gather some friends, grab an axe and start exploring this amazing new level!

Space Crew: Thanksgiving Edition

Did someone say Thanksgiving? Enjoy a delectable festive banquet on the Athena station, courtesy of Wing Commander Lyra...just make sure to keep it away from the turkey that will be roaming the deck! And remember: in space no-one can hear you cluck...