Play free demo of Wanderlust Travel Stories

Published by: Walkabout

Go to Thailand, see the faces of Bangkok and taste local delicacy in the demo for Wanderlust Travel Stories, a game about real-life globetrotting. The demo, available at, is an excerpt from one of 4 main stories featured in the full game (along with 5 short ones). In it, you play as Martine, a college graduate, shaping her gap year experience and -- through our choices -- her views on the world. You are the reader and the storyteller, which means that what Martine perceives will differ depend on the decisions you make and the way you manage her mood. It's a unique narrative adventure representing a new genre the developers from Different Tales call a "digital travel experience."


"We believe travelling around the world can be exciting without having to fight dragons along the way. We're all passionate about travel and want to channel this passion through interactive, meaningful tales. It's a game perfect when you're travelling, or wish that you were," says Piotr Gnyp from Walkabout, the publisher of Wanderlust Travel Stories.