Patch Time

Brick Rigs

Build your own vehicles or download one of the more than 200,000 creations already uploaded to the Workshop and experience the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

Hello everyone! Today another patch has been released to the main branch. It includes a ton of bug fixes as well as some new things: - New: Auto counter steering feature (can be disabled in gameplay settings) - New: Tiny 1sx1sx1s camera brick - New: First aid kit (automatically used when in the inventory) - New: Better e-motor sounds - Fixed: Vehicles not moving for other clients in multiplayer - Fixed: 90 degree actuator limits not saved - Fixed: Changing other video settings disables FPS limit - Fixed: Clients can spawn vehicles above the brick limit - Fixed: Attachments removed after adding weapons to vehicle inventory - Fixed: Wing bricks not mirrored correctly - Fixed: Always on couplings cause invisible bricks - Fixed: Gunshot sounds sometimes not playing - Fixed: Changed auto removal timer not applied to already spawned vehicles - And many more...