Patch Notes - EA V1.0.0a

Tribes & Monsters

Tribes and Monsters is a survivor-like game where you can choose a tribe and become the leader of your own army. Try to collect materials in worlds inhabited by vicious monsters. Craft, upgrade, and enhance your tribe's base to unlock more features, stronger weapons, pets and so much more!

[b]Changes:[/b] [list] [*] Added a new enemy to the Tundra biome: Iceonid [*] Enemies now despawn as soon as the boss spawns, this will prevent performance issues during the boss fight. [*] Level Selection now shows you the most common rewards for the selected biome. [/list] [b]Bugfixes:[/b] [list] [*] We reworked the application of armor and added some additional informations to the upgrade card. [*] Fixed the possibilty to go into negative amounts of currency when purchasing skins. [*] Owl's in the tundra biome no longer drop Earth soulstones instead of Wind soulstones. [*] Mummies in the Desert biome no longer drop Earth soulstones instead of Fire soulstones. [/list]