Patch Note


We all dreamed of adventures full of mysteries and mysticism, dreamed of finding ourselves in unusual situations and emerging from them as a hero. Liber is an adventure about travel in time, the search for truth and oneself, about friendship and revaluation of values..

Hello everyone! We've made a small update. But we want to say right away that this is not the last update! 1. Stealth mission. For many, this level seemed difficult and uncomfortable. 1.1. Added camera distance when aiming. This will allow the player to better see where the stone is being thrown and the player can better see the location of the Viking enemies. 1.2. Improved the AI of the Vikings and now stealth has become much more interesting. 2.QTE. On some video cards, for players, the letter icons were right next to each other. We have fixed this bug. Parkour. 3.1. In the location in the forest, we removed the collapsing beams and changed the control tips. 3.2. In the parkour in the Cave, an additional save was added. And also fixed dozens of minor bugs on collisions, parkour management. Thank you all for your valuable feedback and support. A new patch is already in development, follow the news and stay with us. Olkon Games Team