patch 1.4.1

June 22, 2022 thefoxknocks Community Announcements
Hello! More fixin' up, more quality of life stuff. There'll probably be another patch like this tomorrow as well as I begin working on Cloud Saves. Anyway, here's the list: Changes tagged with were suggestions from you, the players, in the Discussion board, in YouTube videos, in Twitch streams, or in the Discord. Thanks!
  • The "Medium's Bane" Challenge (3rd map) has been adjusted, so that skills such as Purifying Circle and Curious Wisp don't inflict multiple counts of damage upon the Player when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed issue where the Goblin King's special ability (3rd map) would hit more than once, resulting in you being obliterated if you're hit.
  • The Raccoon Pet no longer has reduced move speed when carrying chests.
  • The Raccoon Pet now moves map event objects, such as Crystalized Chests and Portals, to the player.
  • Fixed issue where Steam integration was not properly updating mid-run (this is also why taking screenshots was behaving strangely).
  • Fixed issue where Entangle was incorrectly giving the player an invisible aura which destroyed projectiles.
  • Fixed crash related to Pets when no enemies were present on the screen.
As usual, thank you everyone for your continued support and patience, especially when it comes to bugs. Stay awesome!