OVR Locomotion Effect : Anti-VR Sickness

"OVR Locomotion Effect" is an overlay tool that aims to reduce VR sickness. It displays anti-sickness effect to HMD by controller input. You can use this tool on any SteamVR games since the effect is displayed as an overlay in front of the game.

Here is an OVR Locomotion Effect official discord server. If you have questions, requests, bug reports, please post here. https://discord.gg/G4kkvfn [url=https://discord.gg/G4kkvfn][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38672198/268761579382886083e1b0d74d34e7cfc3276e3d.png[/img][/url] I also check [url=https://steamcommunity.com/app/1393780/discussions/]steam discussions[/url] too. Feel free to post your feedback anywhere.