October World Tournament!

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It's October! That means it's time for costumes, spooky vibes, trick or treatng, and the October World Tournament!

Just like previous months, It's a 3-stage tournament, and each region (North America, South America, Europe, and Asia) has their own bracket. The winner of each region bracket will move on to the region finals where the winners of the region will face off against each other (North America vs South America and Europe vs Asia). The remainng two players are the continent winners, who will then go on to battle each other in a world final to prove which region is the best!

Each round is a Best of 3, EXCEPT the Continental Finals and the World Finals

On Friday, October 25th, we will have our first stage of the tournament. Europe vs Asia! Last month Korea was victorious over Europe in the continent finals. That means it's tied up in Europe vs Asia right now! 1-1 You can register for the Eurasia Tournament here: https://battlefy.com/minimax-tinyverse-official/minimax-tinyverse-october-world-tournament-eurasia/5d9709c069397b6822e0d04c/info?infoTab=rules The tournament will begin October 25th 12:00 PM CEST (7PM KST Oct 25th), and registration will be open until a few hours before the tournament. A few hours later will be the Americas tournament. In our previous tournament, North America won the continent, but lost to Asia in the finals! Who will it be this time?! You can register for the Americas Tournament here: https://battlefy.com/minimax-tinyverse-official/minimax-tinyverse-october-world-tournament-americas/5d9714ae5906cb65ef038ee2/info?infoTab=details The tournament will begin October 25th at 9PM EST(Oct 26th, 10 AM KST), and registration will be open until a few hours before the tournament.

The final match will be between the victor of both continents

The Eurasia Continent Winner will take on the Americas Continent Winner in a grand final that you can watch LIVE on our official broadcast on your favorite streaming website. The time of the World Final match will be decided at the competitors' convenience.

The prizes will be a little more SpOoKy and HaLlOwEeNy this time!

  • All participants will receive 750 Red and 750 Blue
  • Region Winners(4 People) will receive a $50 Steam Gift Card, and 750 Red and 750 Blue
  • Continent Winners (2 People) will receive a $100 Steam Gift Card, 1 Haloween Korea Box, 1 Mug, and 750 Red and 750 Blue
  • World Champion (1 Person) will receive a $200 Steam Gift Card, 1 Haloween Korea Box, 1 Haloween Mug, 750 Red and 750 Blue, Discord Title, and 2000 Red and 2000 Blue to the participants of the winner’s region. (And bragging rights)
We will also be giving DISCORD NITRO to one lucky random particpant from each continent! Eurasia tournament: Friday, October 25th, 2:00PM UTC +4 (7:00 PM KST) Americas: Friday, October 25th, 9:00PM EST (Oct. 26th 10:00 AM KST) World Finals: Local Starting Time: Tuesday, October 29th - The exact time will be decided between contenders.
  • The tournament will be a Best of 3 Single Elimination bracket system with a grand total of 32 contenders. Brackets will be seeded randomly.
  • The Continental and World Finals will be a Best of 5
  • Players will have 60 minutes to check-in before the start of the tournament.
  • Players will coordinate between themselves and determine the winner on Discord or using the in-game chatting system. Results of the battle must be verified with a screenshot.
  • Continent final matches and the World Champion match will be broadcast on the MINImax Tinyverse Official Twitch Channel. Contenders of those matches will be required to share the room code so that MinimaxTinyverse officials can broadcast it.
  • Players are required to display professional and sportsmanlike behavior in their interactions with other competitors and Tournament organizers.
The regional finals and world final matches will be streamed live on the official MINIMax channel. You can find us on Twitch, YouTube, and more. Be sure to tune in to the matches because we'll be giving away DISCORD NITRO to some lucky viewers. One random lucky viewer that tunes in to the Eurasia final, one random lucky viewer that tunes into the Americas final, and one random lucky viewer that tunes into the world final will all receive Discord Nitro!

Register on Battlefy using these links:

Americas Tournament Eurasia tournament Join us on Discord on the channel #world-tournament-october after you've registered!

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