November 2019 Pre-Release Progress Report

Community Announcements
I was pleasantly surprised to see there are already people who have subscribed to the community group of Boot Camp Fitness, even though it doesn’t unlock until April 16th 2020. So, I thought I’d post a progress report about how the game is progressing. First of all I’d like to thank Jadranko Duric for his advice on which bodyweight and cardio exercises to include in Boot camp Fitness. Jadranko is a strength and conditioning coach at FC Meyrin with over 10 years experience coaching, who graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology at the university of Zagreb. Following the advice of professionals such as Jadranko when it comes to which exercises to include and exactly which algorithms (order) to assemble those exercises in lets me concentrate my efforts in the game’s development - aka programming and animating. So far I’ve completed 40 3D animations of the planned 200+ animations. The game’s interface is solid. So far I have only found 1 bug which I’ve now fixed. All 18 workout locations are up as well as the Boot Camp ranking system. It will be a lot of fun unlocking locations and climbing the ranks as a reward for putting the well earned time into working out regularly. This month I’ll be focusing mainly on more animations, plus creating the skeleton of the algorithm timing system that will create a unique workout for every workout. For this system I will only focus on coding a flexible framework and then consult with fitness professionals as to what order and exercises it will select for each workout. Have a great day :) Animating Knees to Elbows Exercise. Using Blender for animations.