Published by: Dev Mia

On the Steam Summer Sales 5th day, I have some news for you. Good and bad. Let's start with the bad one. Although I had sales during the Summer Sales, and I will have more, Alice Lorange Adventures Season 2 barely sold copies. Same thing with Season 1, the 3 Our Journeys, and other stories. In fact, the best selling stories at the moment are Shantalia and Corali'hulu, the adult-only DLC, Elian Elisa ChatAid, and Iveri: The 1,000 Story. It makes no sense to me. Iveri is the worst story I've ever released on Steam. As for Shantalia and Corali'hulu, well it's XXX without pictures. Same for Elisa Elian ChatAid. Seeing the reality of the market, the chances of me writing Alice Lorange Adventures Season 3 are almost nil. I say "almost" because I can always change my mind and write it during the year. No promises. The good news. I'm working on my Ren'py stories again because the idea of doing bilingual (EN-FR at the same time) wasn't great and the results are pretty messy, especially on Ivanoile. Ren'py is not an engine made for that. There is no system already implemented to automatically display text in different languages at the same time. Same thing for RPG Maker MV and Twine, but my stories on those game engines already have separate languages. The idea came to me to have text in 2 languages at the same time while playing Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan. The option of seeing English and Japanese at the same time is cool and I thought that doing the same with my stories would be a great idea. But there are a ton of Japanese/English VN fans out there, while there are few people interested in French. 95% of my buyers are non-French, so EN-FR won't interest them. So, I'm going to update my Ren'py stories, once English and French texts are split up again.