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March 2, 2021 Lil Community Announcements
That took a while. We were busy at work squishing bugs. Some of those bugs were quite tricky, some came from past games, but their time is over! - Fixed UI issues, better tutorial, and better experience of a variety of resolutions. Including Vertical setups - Sara puzzle 7 had Fia's dialog - fixed - Sara puzzle 8 Item repeat in one dialogue line "Yes... with lots of cuddles and kisses!" - fixed - Fia gave us the wrong ice-cream in Puzzle 2 - fixed - Minor Japanese language fixes - Bug where you get the red flower in the dialogue when you click over - fixed - rotating phones when clicking next to them has been reworked a bit, feels better (You can still disable it). - R18 items displayed in a wrong way in the dialogues (White outlines)- fixed Something we wanted to do for a while now is improving the loading times, and well it's better now. give it a spin!