New DLC and more bonus features coming to Barony!

August 25, 2020 mistersneak Community Announcements
BONUS GOALS come to the Barony Kickstarter, making Barony a better game for all platforms once funded, and that includes Steam! All five bonus goals have been revealed:


The last bonus goal has been revealed, making Barony bigger and better! The DLC will feature a brand new tileset, giving you an alternate path. It will feature new playable races which are friendly to humans as well as new monsters, spells and items within the new unique area! You can bet we're going to have some new lore to go with it. Furthermore all the items and spells added by our Game Master+ tier backers will be in the game at that time. Learn more in our latest update. A new backer tier has been added especially for home-desktop users who aren't interested in playing on a console, but want to support the DLC and Barony's development efforts. The new Dungeon Veteran tier includes just the DLC, plus exclusive access to development channels and closed beta test builds! In addition you'll get to add a name to the Random Name list! Come check out our Kickstarter, and follow each link above to learn more about a specific feature. If you're a fan of Barony, please pledge and spread the word.

Let's finish the campaign & add value to your copy of Barony!