Nebraska Release and Pricing

October 13, 2021 bgproductionsoffical Community Announcements
Thanks to everybody who has added Nebraska to their wishlist or is interested in the game! Recently I have been gearing up for the release date of October 29th, 2021, and have met all my deadlines. Nebraska was dev complete at the start of October and recently, the Windows version has been completely bug tested and finished (Linux still WIP). At first, Nebraska was listed for free because the cost of development was estimated to be a lot smaller than it actually turned out to be. After the development was concluded it cost thousands of dollars to create Nebraska. After commercial rights, voice actors, and models were all paid for Nebraska quickly racked up more money to make than previously believed. Since I am for the most part a one-man team and the game is a 2-3 hour long experience I have decided to change Nebraska to $3.99 and on sale for $2.99 at release. I wanted to make sure the game stays very affordable, but at the same time help me earn back some of the money I spent on development. I listened to bug testers as much as I could about the feedback on the game to make sure the experience would satisfy players immensely. One tester wrote "Nebraska opens up quite nicely with a cinematic trailer of the main character in his car arriving at the horror attraction in rural Nebraska that actually turns out to be a secret Soviet base for experimentation on humans with red hot tentacles popping out of the ground all around the facility. Right off the bat, the presentation of the game is stunning. Running on the Unreal 4 Engine the graphics are very impressive & the atmosphere really sells it. If you have played the Penumbra series by Frictional Games then you would feel right at home here." Nebraska will also be sure to scare players with one tester writing "the monsters serve their purpose very well to the point where I quit the game after my first encounter and after the others, I kept alt-tabbing and listening to music on Youtube to calm my ass down before continuing." Overall I think this will be a experience players will not forget and will make Penumbra/Amnesia fans feel right at home!