More improvements coming soon for the 1.2 June build.

Community Announcements

Boot Camp Fitness Build 1.1 Released

First of all, a big thank you to all players who have given such great feedback and constructive criticism in the community hub and also in the review section. There will be even more player suggested improvements coming in the June 1.2 build. Here are the main improvements made as a result of valuable player feedback. * An exercise change beep notification added for exercise changes and also stance and directional changes. When you mute the sound, if you are listening to a playlist on your phone for example, the notification beep will still sound. If you turn the volume down however, all sound will be turned down. * Players commented that the colours of the GUI were too bright and too 'noisy' so I changed the colour palette to be of more subtle colours that match each other. Before I was using just the default colours of the game engine. * 'Glute Stretch' and 'V-Steps' added as new exercises. * A pause button was added, as on testing one player did not see the "Press spacebar to pause" text and was searching for a pause button instead. So this is an option for players who want to use the mouse and not the spacebar on their keyboard. * One player suggested disabling screensavers when working out to avoid being interrupted. There is now code in the algorithms to stop this happening for anyone with a screensaver (not less than 3 minutes) enabled. The screensaver will not come on in the start screen GUI however, which means if someone leaves their laptop on and walks away, when they come back their battery will not be drained. * I improved the loading of the first exercise sprite by preloading the image; however, this is still a work in progress as this may be further improved upon. One frustrating thing is that there is a bug within Gamemaker Studio 2 (the game engine I'm using), in that it will not allow me to import most images or sounds - stopping me including the new exercise animations and new music for the playlist. I will work on submitting a bug report and try to eradicate this. The game engine bug has temporarily stopped me from including some new lower body exercises, as requested by some players. Hopefully I can include them in the June update build instead. This bug slowed me down somewhat from including every planned improvement. One of the main points that players have made me aware of is the need for tutorials for each exercise. So this will be the main focus leading up to the June build 1.2 update. Bringing a game out in early access and working with players to find out what people expect in this game is so much fun! By really listening to what players actually want and trying to implement player suggested improvements will make this game way better than if I were to just develop the game alone without so much feedback. Player feedback is so valuable that I place it at as my number 1 top priority when developing. I have organised and listed player feedback in the community hub, together with players' names who have suggested each improvement. I'm a sole developer working on the game in between my full time job, but I do try to improve and work on the game often, with consistency. Below is a list of day to day activity since build 1.0:

Day by Day Activity Since Build 1.0

11/4/20 - 1.0 build released. 12/4/20 - Marketing. 13/4/20 - Glute Stretch animation complete. 14/4/20 - V Steps animation complete. 15/4/20 - Research + listing and considering players' feedback and suggestions. 16/4/20 - Side Steps animation complete. 17/4/20 - Setting up new PC & switching over all base project files & assets from Mac to PC. 19/4/20 - Single Leg Butt Kicks animation complete. 20/4/20 - Cross Steps animation complete. 21/4/20 - Single Side Steps (Left & Right) animations complete. 22/4/20 - Changed display to allow window resizing and full screen switching. [For some reason, after enabling this feature in the game engine, it didn't work and is still displaying in just full screen, but will put this on the list for future updates. Perhaps make a configuration choice for players in a settings menu. 23/4/20 - Put together a colour palette for the game. 24/4/20 - Gave the GUI start menu screen a colour make over. 25/4/20 - Gave rest of game a colour make over. 26/4/20 - Experimenting with notification sounds / prompts for exercise changeover and stance / direction change. 28/4/20 - Implementing notification sounds into the game. 29/4/20 - Changing tips from super bright yellow to a yellow that matches the colour scheme. 30/4/20 - Planning exactly what the full release state will be to give players a more definite idea of where this game is headed. 1/5/20 - Posting up clear plans for the game in the community group + research. 3/5/20 - Integrated V-Steps & Glute Stretch into the game. 4/5/20 - Wrestling with image and sound import bug/glitch in Gamemaker Studio 2. 5/5/20 - Still wrestling with image and sound import bug/glitch in Gamemaker Studio 2. 6/5/20 - Reaching out to other GM2 users asking if they've experienced anything similar but no replies, which looks like I'll have to log a bug report. I temporarily can't add any new songs or exercises that I have lined up, which is frustrating; however, keeping positive and moving forward, I will work on improving what already exists in the game 8/5/20 - Improved initial sprite/animation loading to make the first exercise less glitchy. Still experimenting with this . . . 9/5/20 - Added pause button, as well as still having the choice to use the spacebar. 10/5/20 - Coded in screensaver / system sleep blocker for workout durations 10, 15 & 20 mins (at all levels), to stop screensavers coming on half way through a workout. 11/5/20 - Coded in screensaver / system sleep blocker for workout durations 30 & 40 mins (at all levels), to stop screensavers coming on half way through a workout. 13/5/20 - Testing 1.1 build. 14/5/20 - Testing 1.1 build cont. 15/5/20 - Boot Camp Fitness - build 1.1 released.