MINImax Tinyverse Full Release Official Date

Published by: CMLucatastrophe

Hello everyone, this is CM ColdIce, We have been together for almost a year facing each other in the Tinyverse during its Beta phase in Steam Early Access. The game will now be entering a new era with its Full Release and Global Mobile Release for iOS and AOS, in January 2020. We took the 1 year of feedback into very deep consideration, both from our Steam PC players, and our mobile players on the iPad and Galaxy Store. We have decided that some changes will have to be made in order to improve the gaming experience of everyone. Our main goal is always and will always be to make the game more fun for all of our players, and although change might be hard to take in the beginning, we believe that in the long term, it will bring more joy to all of you and provide sustainability to MINImax Tinyverse, so that we can keep adding new contents to the game.

The Full Release and iOS/AOS Global Mobile Release are scheduled for January 15th, 2020.

Here are some of the new things coming in our massive January update:
  • You will be able to express yourself through player profile customization and Champion custom items.
  • Several additions will be made to the game: new troopers, miracles, new maps and more!
  • The introduction of a club and box system
  • Changes and upgrades in-game mechanics and rhythm
(Note: the date and contents are subject to change according to the development progress) Even though we will be changing and adding new things, rest assured that the core cute elements that draw you to the Tinyverse every day will still be there. We remain the same F2P, Be-a-God RTS Tower Defense game, with Champions, Miracles, Troopers, and your God Hand! We will evidently remain available on Steam for all our devoted PC and Mac players, and launching on mobile will make it even easier to play on the go! We will be sharing more of the new contents and changes to the game on a weekly basis until the actual Full Release. We cannot wait for you to discover MINImax Tinyverse unleashed to its full potential! Here is a preview of the Champion items you guys will be able to see with our next update. Our models this week? Aidel and Kaya!

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