Merry Barony Christmas 2020

November 26, 2020 mistersneak Community Announcements

Happy Holidays!

We've updated the Merry Barony Christmas mod we introduced in 2019, now with more candy canes, festive foes, and more thoroughly decked halls! Merry Barony Christmas provides you with the vanilla Barony gameplay experience that won't invalidate your achievements. And of course, you can play with others who are also using the mod. Enjoy a holiday gathering within the dungeons! This cosmetic modification is entirely optional, and you can find it here: First time using the Steam Workshop for Barony? Check out the easy-to-follow guide and you'll be celebrating in style in no time. We're so thankful to dungeon-delvers like you choosing to spend your holidays with Barony! We've been working on Barony after its release for over five years now. We'd be honored if you selected us for the Labor of Love award. Thank you!