Meet the perfect companion 💚

November 24, 2021 anca.b Community Announcements
Hey there, future editors! We can’t wait for our studio to open its doors for you, so in the meantime we thought we’d introduce you guys to a special someone. As the main video editor of the NSFW studio, you’re the go-to guy when spicy videos need to be made even kinkier. But even guys like you need a helping hand sometime. This is where lovely Jade comes in: the ever helpful co-worker who’s here to make your work easier and to guide you through your first days. As an admin, her job is to support the video production team and support all newcomers. Her name comes from -you guessed it- her beautiful green hair. She loves water cooler chats and breakroom hangouts that take a lewd turn. A couple of fun facts about Jade: her character design was already done before development on NSFW Studio even started. She’s also our main artist's favorite girl in the game ♥ We’re sure Jade will be one of your favorites as well, so look forward to meeting her soon! The NSFW team