March Progress Update

Published by: MSE

What a ride! Gamers are very supportive, even when they're being bastards to each other in PvP. It has been a pleasure interacting with you guys on Steam and elsewhere. It will be a challenge to give you what you want. Early in development, I imagined a feature-rich sandbox experience that would be playable solo and with a community of strangers. Through inspiration and long hours, I expected to deliver a massive feature set in the time I had. I had help from people who gave guidance and connected me with pixel artists. I even had a month of silence when the unit next to my home office was vacant. Two months from soft launch, the state of the upcoming game is uncertain. But not to fear! Like anything else, video games are a medium of expression. Though C++ is less expressive than a ready-made system like Unity, I have built an engine that supports a robust crafting system, branching conversations, quick saves, and even some 3D elements. As I expand on the engine, I am adding stuff to do that has emotional significance. Below are GIFs that highlight key features that are in place so far. There are more features to come, and more that have not been revealed. I'm sure you're all anxious to go watch Westworld or play the latest FPS or whatever, so thanks for tuning in and I'll try to make another one of these posts in a month.