Major Update 4

June 21, 2022 thefoxknocks Community Announcements
Hello! Here's the latest major update for Nomad Survival. I don't really have a lot to say this time around, but I did want to say that there's limited keyboard/gamepad support with the new menus for the time being. You'll still be able to use the right joystick to navigate through them, of course. I've had a lot of requests for Cloud Saving and I keep saying I'll look into it but then never set aside time to do it. You can expect me to start ACTUALLY looking into that now. It's been way too long. Thanks to the amazing people who helped Beta Test this content in our Discord, Some bugs may have still made it through. Please just let me know of them and I will fix them. Changes tagged with were suggestions from you, the players, in the Discussion board, in YouTube videos, in Twitch streams, or in the Discord. Thanks!


  • Added new currency: Gemstones! They are currently only used for Pets, but they will likely see further use in the future.
  • Added Pets (new button in the Title Screen).
  • Added Map Modifiers.
  • Added Challenges.
  • Added 3 Achievements (this is why 3 were showing as Hidden in Steam as of yesterday. They were being tested).
  • The Statue Heritage cannot participate in Map Modifiers or Challenges and its description has been updated to reflect that.
  • The size of the void pools with the Voidwalker Heritage have been increased.
  • Voidwalker void pool damage now scales in a similar fashion as other skills, with a Base Damage of 1.
  • Knight no longer has a Movement Speed penalty when the Weapon Skill is active.
  • Knight's Weapon Skill now lasts for 5 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
  • When the Knight's Weapon Skill ends, the damaging effect now also inflicts a forced knockback upon enemies.
  • Whisperer's Spirit (only the one you're controlling) now picks up EXP and Coins. Items such as Hearts, Magnets, etc. are attracted to the Spirit but not picked up.
  • When opening a chest and collecting a relic, the coins gained are now also properly included in the "New Coins" number and not just Total Coins.
  • Enemy kills have been replaced with Souls. Your kills have automatically been translated to this new currency.
  • When slaying the final boss of a level, you are now given bonus Coins as well as some Gemstones (new currency). Map Modifiers are the best way to get Gemstones, but this will help in accruing them.
  • The Sacrificial Circle (3rd map) no longer accepts boss kills when in Double EXP Mode. This was NOT intentional to begin with, so it's somewhat a bug fix.
  • Rewrote magnetization effects to prioritize the strongest magnet effect. Previously, the Lv.5 Immaterial Cloak effect of having items slowly move to you took precedence over the Magnet item or Statue Heritage effects which had items move to you much faster.
  • Steam Achievements now synchronize with in-game achievements. This means that if you have in-game achievements and, for some reason, don't have the Steam Achievement for that, you will automatically receive it on the Title Screen.
  • "Entangle" now destroys enemy projectiles which come into contact with it.
  • The Level 5 effect of "Immaterial Cloak" now scales with your Item Pickup Range.
  • The Base Damage increases for "Fireball" have been increased from +2 to +3.
  • The Base Damage increases for "Energy Wave" have been increased from +2 to +3.
  • The Base Damage increases for "Purifying Circle" have been increased from +1 to +2.
  • Rotation Speed bonuses for "Infernal Ray" have been increased from +25% to +40%.
  • "Infernal Ray" now hits enemies 30% faster.
  • "Infernal Ray" now gives +2 Base Damage per level that grants it instead of +3. The +30% faster attack rate offsets this more than enough.
  • More levels in "Magic Missile" now provide +1 Base Damage instead of just +1 Magic Missile amount.
  • Passive Skills now have a big bonus at Level 10. The following changes have been made: Enchantment Lv.10: +10% Damage -> +50% Damage Buckler Lv.10: +1 Defense, +1 Retaliation -> +5 Defense, +3 Retaliation Wings Lv.10: +10% Movement Speed -> +50% Movement Speed Expansion Lv.10: +10% Size -> +30% Size Stamina Potion Lv.10: +0.4 SP/s -> +1.5 SP/s Vitality Lv.10: +15% Max HP -> +60% Max HP Spirit of Life Lv.10: +3 HP Regen/s -> +10 HP Regen/s Hourglass Lv.10: +10% Duration -> +50% Duration Curse Lv.10: +5% Chance -> +20% Chance Death Sting Lv.10: +1% Chance -> +6% Chance Miniaturize Lv.10: +6% Evasion -> +16% Evasion Primal Might Lv.10: +20% Crit. Dmg. -> +70% Crit. Dmg. Bullseye Lv.10: +5% Crit. Chance -> +15% Crit. Chance Psychokinesis Lv.10: +25% Pickup Range -> +100% Pickup Range Archery Lv.10: +15% Proj. Speed -> +60% Proj. Speed Bravery Lv.10: +30% Knockback Power -> +80% Knockback Power
  • Significantly reduced the damage potential of Retaliation. It was easy to readily do over 1 million damage with this stat and it was way overtuned.
  • Damage potential of Knight's Weapon Skill has been reduced by 75%. It was astonishing how insanely overpowered this ability actually was, and it's still very strong even now.
  • When clicking the "Reset Upgrades" button in the Upgrades menu, you must now confirm that you want to do it.
  • Whenever a confirmation window is created, the background is now darkened to give more emphasis on it.
  • Adjusted chest spawning offset from slain Boss enemies. If a Boss is on top of you when it dies, the chest that spawns should now be on top of you and not somewhere above you.
  • Instant Kill now works appropriately, instead of inflicting 99,999 damage to the enemy (which in some cases wouldn't result in a kill).


  • Fixed issue where you could sometimes still take damage even though you're already dead.
  • Fixed issue where Summons (Summoner Heritage) would not destroy Ghost entities or Mindflayer summons.
  • Fixed issue where "Great Divider" was improperly giving +1 Base Damage per level instead of +2 as described.
  • Fixed issue where the timer on victory/game over screen would sometimes display :010 seconds.
  • Fixed issue where Crystalized Chests (map 1) would despawn if too many enemies were present.
  • Fixed issue where enemy projectiles would ignore Evasion.
  • Fixed issue where "Ascension" would not properly give increased SP Regen on levels that provide such a bonus.
  • Fixed issue where Max HP bonuses from the Vitality passive would carry over between runs.
  • Attempted fix for situations where the players HP bar would temporarily extend beyond its max capacity.
  • Fixed issue where level 20 and beyond as the Knight Heritage would not display a full circle ticking down when their Weapon Skill was active.
  • Fixed offset of Purifying Circle. It no longer spawns just below you but instead in the center of you.
  • Fixed issue where Ascension was incorrectly giving +3 SP Regen and not +0.3 SP Regen.
  • The SP Regen bonus from Spectral Sword level ups now properly display in the stats screen within the Pause Menu.
  • Fixed issue where any time an enemy took damage while the Knight's Weapon Skill was active would result in them being unable to move.
  • Fixed issue where playing on Double EXP Mode and then selecting "Play Again" at the end screen would change the game into Normal Mode.
  • Fixed issue where the Knight and Whisperer's Weapon Skill damage display (shown at the end of the run) would not be reset, so this number would keep increasing each run instead of being reset to 0.
  • Fixed issue where "Stamina Potion" would not correctly grant +1 SP Regen in its first level (it was instead giving +0.4).


As always, some stuff might not work 100% the way that it should. Thorough testing was done between myself and people volunteering to Beta Test, but if anything seems wrong, please let me know! For what's next, there's been a lot of confusion surrounding Weapon Skills and what works with them. Does Duration work with Necromancer's Skeletons? Does Size work with Adventurer's Angle Slash? I've had a lot of great suggestions to make this more clear, but I'm actually not going to do any of them! Muahahaha! But seriously, that's because the next Major Update is going to focus on revamping Weapon Skills entirely. Right now, Weapon Skills quickly become irrelevant (depending on the Character, of course) and they're overall just not very interesting. With the next Major Update, I want to introduce a branching evolution system, where instead of the Weapon Skill just getting a bonus effect at certain levels, you will instead choose in what way it should change. It won't be just stats. The effect of the Weapon Skill will change and offer different effects and bonuses. There's a lot to it, so it's going to need to be a Major Update in and of itself, but that's why I'm currently NOT looking to clarify on what all works with Weapon Skills. It's about to be completely overhauled! Thank you for your patience. I'm very active over on our Discord, so please do check that out if you haven't. You can also be a part of the next Beta Test (the next time that happens, of course) if you so choose (anyone can join).