Major Fix 0.5.2

September 24, 2022 Spiritual Wolf Studio Community Announcements
Hi there , In this update, many small issues have been fixed in addition to various adjustments: - Adjusted the drop rate of "Golem Rune" to 100% to make it easier to complete the main quest. - Movement correction on "Slice" skill. The character would return to its original position during the hit, this has been fixed. - Fixed Emilia's "Last Resort" soul force where sometimes the sound would not play. - Fixed some textures in the dungeon that made it difficult to move around. - Display of visual effects for Soulforce status that sometimes displayed on enemies, this has been fixed. - Added loading screen. - Changed motion keys and now supports QWERTY + AZERTY keyboards. - Adjusted golem and skeleton stats. -By balancing Emilia's Barrier Master skill tree, the three nodes that give +30 WILLPOWER will now give +35 ARCANE.