Magnus Lore Reveal #30 Bunsnub

Published by: Newt

Hiding beneath the snowscapes of the Frigid Tundra, a curious little magnus hides itself from the rest of the world. Bunsnubs are magnus local to the cold and unforgiving tundra, constantly burrowing into the solid cold earth with relative ease. When first trying to observe them, it was quite the challenge to pick out the Bunsnub from all the snow on the ground. The colour of the Bunsnub camouflages it very well, and its ability to not move for long periods of time further contributes to the difficulty of spotting it. The first contact with the Bunsnub was rather uneventful, they are extremely passive creatures that would not even budge even when approached by my expedition team. We were puzzled at their lack of acknowledgement, since they did not appear to be predators and were much rather the opposite. The Bunsnubs would also not enter their shells, but rather would lie on their bellies even when angrier looking magnus appeared. The piece of the puzzle was the extreme resilience of the Bunsnub’s anatomy and the array of unique skills that help it to survive in the harsh conditions. Not only does the shell block most attacks, the fur of the Bunsnub also provides incredible protection to its body. The Bunsnub is also able to release extremely cold winds that slows and sometimes immobilizes their attacker, giving it ample chance to escape or attack. Attack a Bunsub only when you have adequately high attack power, or not at all. Head Librarian, Figaro