Lords Mischief - Pranks Galore!

Published by: Lords_Mobile_Team

Lords Mischief is back! Are you excited to see what tricks we have in store? ※3/31 00:00 ~ 4/2 23:59 GMT-5 A little Guild prank! During the event, you can get a random bonus from sending Guild Help - up to 4X more Guild Coins! Get those shiny Guild Coins! ※3/31 00:00 ~ 4/2 23:59 GMT-5 Log in daily to get a Fool's Gift (one per day)! Players below Castle Lv 17 may get Bravehearts, Speed Up Training items, and Speed Up Research items, while players at Castle Lv 17 and above may get tons of Brilliant Talent Orbs! ※4/1 00:00 ~ 4/1 23:59 GMT-5 The Goddess Athena is enjoying a little mischief as well! With a snap of her fingers, everyone has magically been bestowed with the title! ※Note: 1. This title will not come with any effects. It will expire when the event ends. 2. The Emperor's Edicts will still only be available to the real Emperor. 3. Imperial Titles bestowed by the Emperor will still retain their effects.