Journey into the music — our Soundtrack hits the shelves!

Published by: Konradical

Hi Wanderers! The original soundtrack for Wanderlust: Travel Stories is here, and with more than 70 minutes of beautiful instrumental music, I hope it's going to take you to faraway places. Just turn up the volume and relax. We are double excited for this release, seeing as your reviews often mentioned how much you've enjoyed the soundtrack during your playthroughs. We've teamed up with four composers to score the game—to make sure that all the main characters and stories have their own, unique identity. The OST features 23 tracks by Tomasz Kuczma, Robert Purzycki, Patryk Scelina and Igor Szulc. Check out the Main Theme below: Click HERE to go to the soundtrack, close your eyes and let the music take you somewhere else. PS. Get the soundtrack bundle for an extra 20% off, even if you already own the game! All the best, Jacek from Different Tales