Insectoid Race and Hunter Class Reveal

December 27, 2019 mistersneak Community Announcements
This is the final class and race we have to reveal before the Legends & Pariahs DLC goes on the market, and the Tinkers and Archers 3.3.0 Update goes live! It's almost here folks!

View the details about the new Legends & Pariahs race and class in this Turning Wheel Devblog post.

Follow the link and see exactly which new weapons and ammo types are available to the Hunter class, and exactly what they do. Also learn exactly what it means to be an Insectoid in the dungeon! Remember, Humans can be Hunters too, and you can play the Insectoid as any non-DLC class. So this new content is a force-multiplier on the number of ways you can play Barony!