Input Update


Cyclone is a puzzling first-person action-platformer from the creator of the hit Portal modification, Blue Portals. Solve a series of perplexing puzzles by placing gravity-bending vortexes in the world. Launch objects, redirect projectiles, and fling yourself across the room to reach the exit!

Since releasing in Early Access in June, one of the things that received feedback on was how input was managed. Although Cyclone shipped to allow players to bind keys to actions, the end result wasn't really intuitive. The entire system was made from the ground up polling key and mouse events directly from WinAPI instead of the engine's API. This will allow more fine control over it and better address any issues going forward. Today I'm happy to announce that you'll be able to now easily bind keys and buttons to actions via a GUI application! The Key Mapper application has now been replaced with Action Mapper. You can find this application in the root game directory. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41887441/dbb4f7f6d6f07c9f0c518fc94fdd6960e3e3ead9.jpg[/img] The input system relies on Window's Virtual Keyboard and what Action Mapper does is listen for the value of whatever key you pressed on [i]your[/i] keyboard. Mouse sensitivity, look inverse and more can also be changed within this application. You might also notice you can assign controller buttons as well. While it's supported, Steam Input will override this and is left in as a fallback controller solution. Mouse look now takes raw mouse data and converts it into an axis. This provides a much smoother experience than checking how much the cursor moved from the center each frame. The calculation also is independent on game speed so it should not feel choppy. If you're interested on the technicality of this update, check out this [url=]blog post[/url]! A splash screen has also been added showing logos, and legal information among other small changes. No changes have been made to assets or maps. As we're still in Early Access, your feedback is appreciated. If any issues occur that prevent you from playing Cyclone, please let me know via [url=]discussions[/url] or join my [url=]discord server[/url], You can also roll back to the previous build by opting into the "previous" branch. There are big plans for 2023 involving new content and more improvements. In the meantime, expect smaller follow up patches and fixes after this update. Have a Happy Holiday Season!