Improvement and announcement

Published by: Aryal


In the past month I have managed to finish 75% of the urgent improvements to make the game fun to play, so I can see the end even if there is still a lot of work to do. Then I would have minor improvements as well as performance improvements (GPU / CPU) and diversity of gameplay. The next updates will be mainly focused on improving spells, runes already present. But above all, start bringing out builds by adding new equipment and runes. In the end added more content than improvements. At the same time two new terrains will be worked on in final version and the number of enemies and bosses will be greatly increased.

Adding content

  • In the desert the player can resurrect near the area where he died.
  • Outside the desert the player chooses between spending gold to return to where he died, or returning to the mercenary camp.


  • Adjusted lights on character creation.
  • Adjustment of the lights on the cave.
  • Adjust the lights on the spells, the spells will change soon so some spells are not great.
  • Traps are only active if you approach, this will reduce the number of unnecessary calculations (CPU).

Bug fix

  • The enchantress no longer gives legendary scroll as a quest reward.
  • You no longer receive better quality scrolls than what you unlocked.
  • Attack speed bonus and movement speed bonus are correctly calculated and implemented on the procedural equipment. Your gear and spells: "Fury," Improved Speed, "and" Moving in the Shadow "now use bonus scores.