Published by: Aryal

Adding content
  • Chests of different rarities can be found in all terrains, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Night vision, the player can see slightly in dark areas, a race system will be added, some races will have a greater vision than others.
  • An unlocking system has been added in case the player finds himself blocked in a wall or others.
  • Walls of fire demarcate boss combat zones to avoid fleeing.
  • You must kill the bosses that are close to the Ortharion before you can retrieve the Ortharion shards near them.
  • Summons of the Skeleton Lord have predefined spawn points to prevent him from being behind walls or out of vision.
Bug fix
  • Runes can no longer be multiplied with certain conditions.
  • Projectile channeling spells, use mana and reset the cooldown after each launch.
  • When the player improves a buff spell that was active in his action bar, the spell is deactivated to avoid creating a bug.
  • Allied or neutral NPCs no longer put you into combat mode under certain conditions (such as the friendly ghost during the escort quest).
  • When you delete all the backups you no longer see an empty box with a level 0.
  • In the desert the ghost continues to follow you even when reloading a game with the escort quest in progress.
  • It is no longer possible to have a running speed higher than normal by having two buttons pressed with the camera correctly oriented.