Historical Soundtrack: Wenn die Soldaten

Published by: KateMels

We have just uploaded one of the Blitzkrieg cinematic tracks on YouTube for all of you to enjoy: This German song is dated the 19th century and the author is unknown. Yet, it was very popular both during WWI and WWII.

Legal issues

In Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg we decided that we want to use at least a couple of real music pieces of the time. However, there were possible legal issues: we could not just use someone else's performance. So, we decided to ask Daraba studio to perform and record the march, so that we do not violate the rights of any outside artists performing it. The only problem that we could not use the chorus.

More historical music

Let us know whether you would like to have more authentic music playing in the game. Would you like to have it in cinematics only, or as a gameplay track as well? Next week we will post one more historic track — so that you have more examples. We are keen on learning your opinion. If you want to support the further expansion of the Strategic Mind soundtrack — consider buying our soundtrack: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1358280/Strategic_Mind_Franchise_Soundtrack/?beta=0 Looking forward to your feedback. With best regards Strani Games team