Happy Lunar New Year!

Published by: steven.zeng

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone! In China, It's the end of a year and the new year is coming for us! So, We prepare a lot for you, the Lunar New Year Special Version(Guess What we add this time!) and our 30% OFF Special Offer! Wishing this can give you a surprise! And Wish you have a great new year! In the past few months, We keep adding new features in our game under your suggestions and your support. We present our first major update version to you and your feedback make our works worth! Thanks a lot! In this new year, We'll keep working on Seed Hunter as we did before and wishing you could like and share it with your friends when we make this better! That's all we want from you! In the end, We want all of you, A blessed new year! Seed Hunter Team