Flippin Misfits Release Date Announcement

September 21, 2022 dance_BHVR Community Announcements
Welcome aboard the Arkade! We are the Misfits responsible for this game. We are so excited to welcome you into our unique universe – a graffiti-covered stolen starship turned fighting arena, filled with all types of odds and ends, including...giant cat balloons! First, we’re so incredibly happy to announce that Flippin Misfits will be available on September 27th at 11 AM ET (15:00 UTC). We have loved seeing our Misfits come to life and can't wait to chase you around and send you flying into space, making you part of our gang! You will flip, jump, attack relentlessly, die humorously, discover your favourite mods and arenas, and have tons of fun with your friends! But will they still be your friends after all this? That’s the question! Soon, you’ll be able to grab your gamepad (or keyboard), launch the game and choose your Misfit! They are all fun-loving and lethal. Explore our tutorial rooms, run across every surface, and learn the basics. And we can’t forget our favourite part – controlling gravity to easily switch between walls, ceiling, floor...or save yourself from floating off into space! While you can go alone and match against others around the world, it’s often just as fun to brawl against your friends. Invite your friends to join you using the Friends’ Booth to find out just who will emerge victorious. And if your best friend only understands Italian, it’s not a problem since Flippin Misfits is localized in 17 languages! The rules of the arena are simple: you get 5 rounds, and you can choose a mod (weapon or ability) before each round to boost your character. After the first round, the player with the lowest score gets to choose first (it happens to the best of us, trust us!). Enter the arena. Kill as many opponents as possible. Select a new mod. Repeat until you’ve dominated the match. We can’t wait to get your feedback and flip with you! We hope you’ll have as much fun playing Flippin Misfits as we had creating this game for you! Irreverently yours, The Flippin Misfits Dev team