Fall in love with M.E.A.T. on February 14th!

Johnny Pravo
Community Announcements

Valentine's Day with Sir Culligan

There's not much time left until the release of the M.E.A.T. Therefore, we refine our game so that on the day of release to provide you with a product of the highest level. One of the biggest changes is the modified HUD. You have repeatedly pointed out that the previous one was not very legible, because it did not show the value of HP or available Telesarion. Therefore, we have analysed your suggestions and decided to modify it slightly. The effects can be seen below:


A brand new location for the tutorial!

As the lion's share of the programming work has been completed, we are now focusing on adding new content to the game. One example is the creation of a completely new location for the tutorial. It is during this tutorial that you will have the chance to meet Sir Culligan from the Civil War era. Furthermore, within this sequence, you will learn how to control your character or operate the interface. As a result, once you reach Washagami, you will be able to effectively use the mechanics prepared for you right from the start!

Piece of new tutorial location

Minor improvements

Of course, we are constantly working on the bugs you reported. The game has been changing exponentially over the last few weeks, all thanks to your invaluable support. Additionally, we are also implementing a slightly improved lighting system, which will make M.E.A.T. look even more atmospheric!