EreaDrone 2023: 5 months of continuous updates since its release

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Discover EreaDrone, the most polyvalent drone racing simulator ever made. Race now against other pilots, freestyle in huge environments, compare yourself to others with challenges, and create amazing tracks and maps!

[img][/img] [b]Dear EreaDrone Community,[/b] Five months ago, we embarked on an ambitious journey with the [b]release of EreaDrone 2023[/b]. We were met with enthusiasm and passion from the drone racing community. However, we also faced challenges, as reflected in the feedback and reviews from our initial release. Your honest opinions have been invaluable, and we've taken every word to heart. We understand that the journey of [b]EreaDrone 2023 didn't start as smoothly as we all hoped[/b]. The issues you faced – from performance glitches to physics refinement needs – were not in line with the high standards we set for ourselves. But every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and we've been dedicated to turning your feedback into actionable improvements. Over the past five months, [b]we have worked tirelessly to not just address these issues, but to also enhance and expand the EreaDrone experience[/b]. We've listened, learned, and evolved. Today, we are proud to present significant updates that we believe will [b]redefine your EreaDrone 2023 experience[/b]. Here's a snapshot of what we've achieved together: [list] [*] [b]Major Performance Upgrades[/b]: We've tackled the stuttering and FPS issues head-on, ensuring a smoother and more responsive simulation experience. [*] [b]Enhanced Physics and Realism[/b]: Your feedback drove significant improvements in drone physics, making every flight more thrilling and true-to-life. [*] [b]User Interface and Quality of Life Improvements[/b]: From leaderboard integrations to customizable settings, every aspect has been refined for a more intuitive and engaging experience. [*] [b]Bug Fixes[/b]: We've squashed numerous bugs, big and small, to ensure a more stable and enjoyable game. [*] [b]Continuous Engagement and Support[/b]: Your ongoing feedback has been our guiding light, shaping the future of EreaDrone 2023. [/list] [b]We are immensely grateful for your support, patience, and constructive criticism.[/b] It's because of you that EreaDrone 2023 is not just a simulator, but a growing, thriving community. Dive into the detailed changelog below to see how your suggestions have come to life. [b]Your feedback is invaluable to us[/b]; please consider sharing your thoughts and experiences with EreaDrone 2023 by [b]writing a review on Steam[/b] – it helps us immensely! Here's to flying higher and racing faster – together! Warm regards, The EreaDrone 2023 Team [hr][/hr] [h2]EreaDrone 2023 - Detailed changelog[/h2] [b][color=#4CAF50]🆕 New Features & Enhancements[/color][/b] [list] [*][b]Physics Overhaul[/b]: [list] [*]Direct Control Mode: Disable PID for quicker, more reactive drone control. [*]Refined Air Drag Parameters: Experience realistic low and medium-speed air resistance. [*]Expanded Physics Parameters: Enjoy a broader range of settings, including an expanded -100/100% air drag parameter. [*]Improved Air Drag Mechanics: Reduced "floaty" sensation for a more grounded flight experience. [/list] [*][b]In-Game Track Leaderboards[/b]: Track your rankings easily with in-game leaderboards. [*][b]Map Editor Upgrades[/b]: Unleash your creativity with an array of new obstacles and elements. [*][b]Dynamic Leaderboard Updates[/b]: Achieve a personal best lap time and see your new rank instantly. [*][b]Customizable Pod Inclination[/b]: Set your pod's angle to your preference, starting at a default 5°. [*][b]Enhanced Path Customization[/b]: Adjust the path's thickness, opacity, and distance to suit your style. [*][b]Cloud-Independent Profile Saving[/b]: Your drone profiles are now securely stored in your EreaDrone account. [*][b]Fisheye Camera Simulation[/b]: Experience realistic FPV with our new fisheye effect, replicating actual camera distortion. [*][b]Additional Minor Features[/b]: Including enhancements like the new crosshair and more. [/list] [b][color=#FF9800]🚀 Optimizations[/color][/b] [list] [*][b]Smoother Gameplay[/b]: Eliminated stuttering and FPS drops for a seamless simulation experience. [*][b]FPS Enhancement[/b]: Enjoy an overall increase in frames per second. [*][b]Environment Optimization[/b]: Optimized natural elements like trees and bushes for better performance. [*][b]General Performance Tweaks[/b]: Continuous improvements across all environmental aspects. [/list] [b][color=#F44336]🔧 Bug Fixes[/color][/b] [list] [*][b]Improved Stability[/b]: Significantly reduced crashes and enhanced overall game stability. [*][b]First Gate Respawn Logic[/b]: Addressed the issue of unintentional gate triggers on respawning. [*][b]Stable Progress Bar[/b]: Smooth, vibration-free progress tracking. [*][b]Multiplayer Lobby Menu[/b]: Resolved the missing context menu issue. [*][b]Correct Keyboard Prompts[/b]: Enhanced user interface with accurate keyboard prompts. [*][b]Autofocus Correction[/b]: Reduced unintended blurring. [*][b]Accurate Ranking System[/b]: Fixed discrepancies during and after races. [*][b]Comprehensive Fixes[/b]: Numerous major and minor bugs addressed for an improved gaming experience. [/list] [b][color=#2196F3]🔜 Upcoming Features (Work in Progress)[/color][/b] [list] [*][b]eDrone System Integration[/b]: Get ready for events like the 2023 FAI eDrone Racing Cup, Namwon, Korea. [*][b]More Drone Models[/b]: Expanding the fleet with a variety of new drone models. [*][b]More Environments[/b]: Introducing more immersive and varied environments. [*][b]More Map Editor Elements[/b]: Enhancing creativity with a wider range of map editor elements. [*][b]Enhanced Map Editor[/b]: Soon introducing multi-select functionality for easier editing. [*][b]Expansive Future Updates[/b]: Preparing to add numerous additional features to further enrich the EreaDrone experience. [/list] If you're enjoying EreaDrone 2023, we'd be grateful if you could take a moment to [b]write a review on Steam[/b]. Your support and feedback mean the world to us! [b]Stay tuned for more updates as we continually enhance your EreaDrone 2023 experience![/b]