DLCs to be removed soon

Published by: Dev Mia

The following DLCs will be removed from Steam soon. However, I intend to include them with the base game after the removal from the store. A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers (Dev Support Donation) (982640) A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers (Extra) (1006290) A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers (Script Code) (1034090) ChatAid (Script) (1121370) Divine D.I.V.A. (Extra) (1064980) Divine D.I.V.A. (Script) (1064981) Entre-Deux: Cursed (Dev Support Donation) (982630) Entre-Deux: Cursed (Extra) (1006370) Entre-Deux: Cursed (Script Code) (1034100) Hack the Core (Dev Support Donation) (921460) Hack the Core (Ebook) (1027580) Hack the Core (Extra) (1006350) Hir Corruption (Dev Support Donation) (982780) Hir Corruption (Extra) (1006360) Hir Corruption (Script) (1034000) Hot Takes (Script Code) (1148950) Ivanoile (Dev Support Donation) (1090950) Ivanoile (Script Code) (1104360) Latangerine Last Journey (Extra) (1048180) Les 4 Alice: Lorange Journey (Dev Support Donation) (982610) Les 4 Alice: Lorange Journey (Ebook) (1025370) Les 4 Alice: Lorange Journey (Extra) (1006340) Red and Blue ~ Cycles of Existence (Dev Support Donation) (940200) Red and Blue ~ Cycles of Existence (Extra) (1006380) Red and Blue ~ Cycles of Existence (Script Code) (1034080) Shantalia and Corali'hulu (18+ Version Ebook) (1033200) Shantalia and Corali'hulu (Extra) (1032030) VKT Prime System Crash (Dev Support Donation) (1021010) VKT Prime System Crash (Extra) (1021011) VKT Prime System Crash (Script) (1027670) Vengeance ~ In my family's name (Script) (1143590) I’m removing them for ethical reasons, since the content of those DLCs can easily be found in the games. The “Extra” are the game’s images. The “Script”, “Script Code” or “Ebook” are the story’s text. The Donation DLC… do I have to explain that one? The only reason I was releasing so much of them its because they *do* sell. Not by much, but they do, and since the base game doesn’t give me a lot of money, I thought there was no harm in doing it, but not anymore. The only DLCs that will remain to purchase will be the only ones containing a story | game.