DIGGERGUN Demo Now Live!

June 21, 2022 Kabloop Community Announcements
Hello everyone and welcome to DIGGERGUN! My name's Kabloop and I'm the developer of DIGGERGUN, and today I'm super excited to finally release the demo on the Steam store! Our demo release on Steam has been done to coincide with the launch of our Kickstarter, which happened today! For those wondering WTF DIGGERGUN is, here's a short summary: DIGGERGUN is an oppressive platformer about workers, low wages and the environment. After arriving on an island off the coast of Cornwall to work as Engineer, you’re quickly put to work in the lithium mines due to the flexibility clause in your contract. With the Cornwall Mining Corporation demanding a £3,000 fee to terminate your employment contract and take you back to the mainland, you’re left with nothing to do but dig. ---- It's been a crazy long road to get to this point but I'm so happy to be able to finally share the game I've been working on with the public. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share any feedback with me on social media or through Steam! Naturally, I'll be keeping an eye on the build and aiming to fix any bugs that pop up! Also a note to Linux users, the demo is currently available on Windows but I do have the Linux version ready to go, it just needs a few more days of testing. I'll post an announcement when it's ready to go of course! Thank you to everyone for their support with DIGGERGUN!