Devlog - One week left until release!

May 13, 2022 Rocket Boy Games Community Announcements
We are really glad to see so many people excited to play Linguist FPS. And we're excited to announce that the wait is almost over! The planned release date is Friday May 20th. We're just finishing up the final stages of play testing and dialogue validation. There will also be continued beta testing leading up to launch. Since the release of the trailer there have been many improvements to translations, graphics and voice performances. We're also planning to launch with an original soundtrack which will be available as an optional DLC for those who wish to show their support and contribute to the improvement of this game as well as the creation of new ones. Accomplishments (features included at launch): -15 target language options (including some choices of regional dialect and alphabets) -Greatly improved optimization (you wont need a super computer to play this game) -Improved graphics and sound effects -Improved translations and voice performances -Added Pinyin for Mandarin Chinese learners Shortcomings (features that will unfortunately not be available at launch): -No gamepad support -Lack of key rebinding functionality -MacOS release will be delayed (approx 1 month) The gamepad and keybinding functionality should be something that also comes quite soon after launch. We want players to have realistic expectations about what to expect. It really is a very rudimentary FPS which will also provide some rudimentary knowledge of your target language through immersion and exposure to the spoken language. Even as a small two person indie studio on a shoestring budget we feel that we've succeeded in creating a genuinely fun and exciting way to start learning a new language. *But* if you're expecting a AAA quality FPS with hundreds of hours of content you will be disappointed. Either way, we're really greatfull for the encouragement and really hope you enjoy the experience! Mil gracias, Chaz Lewis - Lead Designer