Cosmetic Enchantment Update + Oculus Support

May 10, 2021 Nooner Bear Studio LLC Community Announcements
We've patched some known issues and added a special new set of gameplay effects to each hand cosmetic. Cosmetic Enchantment Effects: Each hand cosmetic will provide a passive bonus during gameplay. For example, the Barkeeps Gloves increase your drink fill rate by 25% per hand, Lazy Larry's Helping Hands earn you +2g per skelly shot, the list continues. Mix and match both hands or double down on a cosmetic enchantment for double the effect (+50% drink fill, +4g per shot). One additional hand cosmetic has been added as well, The Tomblord's Phantom Phalanges (eek!). Oculus Quest Controller Support: We'd received numerous reports of Oculus players experiencing issues with button mapping actions in-game. We're very thankful to IronWolfajw, RudimentaryRecall, and everyone in addition who reported this issue to us. These Oculus compatibility issues have now been resolved. Misc. Additions: We've fixed things here and there. Spiced drinks are easier to make. You'll see a prompt to defend your gold during the first night of the Debt Collector, and you'll always be prompted by the Crystal Ball. Larry remains an obnoxious chatterbox but hopefully we can come to forgive him. The text on the right expansion's tap list purported all grogs to cost 15g when in fact they cost 10g. I'm not sure where all that extra 5g was going but we'll launch an investigation shortly -- no questions at this time please.