Co-Op Split Screen Race Now Avaible !

ForRace GT2D

Experience a realistic race that you have not experienced in 2D. You can race with hundreds of cars on dozens of tracks. You can earn money and buy and sell cars. You can modify your cars. You can get a driver's license to participate in races. It is a very comprehensive huge 2d racing game.

The 2 player mode has arrived... Are you ready to race with the cars you want on 45 race tracks? Fight one-on-one. If you want, activate artificial intelligence and let 4 more cars be in the game. You can play on any map you want. Whether you fight for 1 round. Do a 20-round endurance challenge if you want. Control on a single keyboard is supported. 2.Player Control: It is done with wasd and 5123 keys. Various actions are available, such as Tab Shift Q E. You can compete with 2 separate gamepads.