Candle Prick is coming November 4th!

September 21, 2022 Guambe Community Announcements
Hey! So, a little background first. Candle Prick was the student games section at Brazil's Independent Games (BIG) Festival this July! I met a lot of very talented indie devs and got some very valuable feedback. On the first day, I even got Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's ex-president (!!!), to play my game though he thought it was very hard. It was incredible! Here's a pic of the devs and me together. You can see Candle Prick's stand all the way to the left! What I got from watching people play was that Candle Prick was missing some context and some opportunities to rest in between levels. This made me realize the game was a little more than a few extra levels from completion, so I got to work. Right now, even though the game is pretty much complete, it could still benefit a lot from some extra weeks for playtesting. As such, Candle Prick's launch date has been moved to November 4th! But don't worry. Here are some GIFs to keep you up to date on what's been added to the game.

Overworld Level select

The game's overworld is designed so the player gets a break in between levels and has access to more than a single new level at a time, to avoid the frustration of being stuck on a single hard challenge. You can expect plenty of branching paths in the final game!


Help gather candles for a birthday party! But who's the party for...?

Palette collectibles

Previously, palettes were unlocked by finishing levels. Now, you have to collect brushes in specific levels. They're usually harder to collect than the level's candle!

Hint system

Got completely stuck on a level? Starting to get frustrated? No need to look for the solution on the internet! Just open up the menu and ask for a little push in the right direction And that's pretty much it! The next weeks are gonna be spent playtesting, hunting for bugs, and implementing the game on Steam. I hope you're as excited as I am for the launch! See you November 4th! -moraguma