Bug fix

Published by: Aryal

  • The orientation of the player on the World map and map takes into account the rotation of the camera and no longer of the player.
  • The chests open directly if a player arrives near the trunk. (animation will be done later)
  • Gold for risen goes to 0.
Bug fix
  • The class portrait updates correctly when creating characters.
  • Cinematics in the desert no longer have a bug when launching multiple times in the same session.
  • The stat points for leveling up are no longer available for other characters in the same session.
  • Ortharion achievements are no longer deleted by removing one of your players.
  • The talent tree is saved correctly and correctly loaded in the same session regardless of your character, since the backup system has been changed, the talent trees have been reset.
  • All the fragments of Ortharion are in place, even if it is not necessarily their final version (traps, platform, enigma, secret passage are not in place) the areas concerned the mountain brigand and the path to the big bridge , they were already in place on the other terrain.