Bug fix

Published by: Aryal

  • adding a button to delete all backups, I would always delete all of the files if the new changes cause conflicts in the backups.
  • Fixed some statistics names for the English version.
  • Experience multiplier increased from 10% to 3% per level.
  • The chances of finding items of better rarity as a quest reward have been reduced.
  • Enemy attack increased by 10%
  • Enemy speed increased by 10%
Bug fix
  • You can no longer put gems on equipment that is at the blacksmith's.
  • It is possible to return the quest "Redo stocks" in the camp.
  • Boars can be properly disturbed.
  • Attack animations are properly stopped upon death.
  • "Reduced resource cost" is correctly displayed on the character window and is now called "resource cost".
  • Blocking values, blocked damage are no longer visible in duplicate on shields.
  • Shields and spell books can no longer have the same stats more than once.